Fabrizio Del Carlo was born in a Lucchese family, who already produced knitwear, and in 1986 he began his professional career. Fabrizio together with his sister Piera, who is responsible for the production side of their factory called “PIERA E FABRIZIO DEL CARLO SRL”, made his own way along his path of designer and he became immediately known as one of the most representative characters among the Italian new generation of designers. He revised the criteria of modern knitwear with his extremely personal style and therefore he often anticipated trends.

Fabrizio Del Carlo’s knitwear reaches the concept of modern style by searching different materials and new processing in order to create an alternative image.

When I begin working, I always start with a yarn that suggests to me the type of stitch and shape, I will create” as Fabrizio always says.

This research for the quality of materials, for new shapes and proportions has been acknowledged by the most fashionable shops and characterises the unusual image of his knitwear.

In my collections I have never been linked to a logo or a brand name which could be immediately identified, rather I have always believed that a style should be detected for what it is and for what it expresses”.

Fabrizio Del Carlo’s style goes beyond the rules of appearance and introduces a new language in intimate taste that combines street tendencies with those special effects that define high fashion, passion for lived aspects together with the attention to innovative materials.

Fabrizio Del Carlo plays his designer’s role by interpreting the reality that surrounds him : “The inspirations that spring from emerging cultures are gathered and modernised by a designer”. This means to be in harmony with the way of understanding fashion and modern dress, to be open to new ideas and to know and appreciate cultures different in time and space.